Farm Crop Production by Saratoga Partnership

Saratoga Partnership farms over 9,000 acres in Northern Iowa and Missouri. We grow crops on several cash-lease farm properties as well as our owned farmland.

Our sustainable land management practices provide solutions to environmental degradation, contribute to the nation’s energy supply, create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and help improve our rural economy.

We understand the concepts and benefits of sustainable agriculture. We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure our farm operations benefit the natural resources of our owned and leased farms, the environment as a whole, and the rural communities we live in.

We believe sustainable agriculture requires four things:

  • Productivity.
  • Long term profitability.
  • Environmental stewardship.
  • Quality of life for farmers, our partners, and the community as a whole.

Sustainable agriculture can include an array of practices, including crop rotations, planting cover crops, establishing buffer strips, integrating livestock and crop production, developing on-farm energy sources, marketing fresh produce or value-added farm items locally, or assisting a beginning farmer.

While sustainability can be achieved through a variety of practices, it is important to also remember that sustainability depends on an approach which addresses preservation of natural resources, while continuing to be productive, profitable, and beneficial for the community and society.

Besides farming our own land, Saratoga Partnership offers flexible (adjustable) cash lease agreements for retiring farmers or landowner/investors that want to achieve a return on investment from their farmland.

Flexible farmland lease agreements provide a middle-ground between a straight-cash rent and a crop-share arrangement. The tenant pays the landlord in cash, but the amount is based on the yield, market price, or both.

For more information on Flexible Cash Farmland Leases, click or tap here .

Photo of Tim Richter
Tim Richter