Farm Consultants & Productivity Reports Help Us Improve the Value of Your Land

Our team of professional field advisors and crop consultants help us get the most from every acre of your farmland.

Their experience is second to none and they're local ... so they know your land and what it takes to make it profitable.

Our advisors develop management plans and maintenance schedules ... perform soil and tissue testing and analysis ... provide pest, disease, and weed identification and control ... and help us allocate resources efficiently.

All to help us make your land as profitable as it can be, year in and year out.

You'll have full access to their reports, including ...

  • Yield Maps
  • Soil Samples
  • Fertility Reports
  • Soil Maps
  • Bi-annual Soil Testing Reports
  • Productivity Estimates
  • Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Crop Scouting, and
  • Planting, spraying, NHS, and side-dressing maps.

Plus, our farm equipment and technical support professionals provide maintenance, new machinery leasing and purchasing, and keep us up to date with the latest technology, innovations, and techniques.

And our financial consultants ensure efficient cash flow, equipment financing, and crop insurance.

Photo of Tim Richter
Tim Richter