Flexible Farmland Cash Rents ... How Saratoga Partnership's Cash Lease Program is a Win-Win for Everyone

Leasing your farmland to a reliable cropping and farm management operation takes the headache and worry out of farming while assuring you, your family, and your inheritors a steady, dependable income.

Besides the piece of mind and extra time you'll enjoy, renting your farmland will give you ...

  • A more stable income as price and yield risk are eliminated,
  • Flexible income schedules,
  • No price and yield risk. We shoulder all the risk so you don't have to,
  • You're free from managerial duties, production worries, and
    marketing decisions,
  • Never worry about large capital outlays again,
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your cash expenditures,
  • If we have a good year, we'll pay you a bonus! (Click here for details) ...

... and that's just the short list!

Whether you're a farmer thinking of transitioning into retirement ... a widow, widower, or inheritor who needs help cropping the farm, ... or a landowner or investor in need of reliable, profitable farm property management, we'll work together to find a solution that's right for you.

Photo of Tim Richter
Tim Richter