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Win-Win Flexible Crop Leases for Landowners

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Farmland Leases and Flexible Cash Rents

If you're considering leasing your farmland, it's essential to have a reliable crop production and farm management partner on your side.

Saratoga Partnership will relieve you of the headache and worry of farming while assuring you, your family, and your inheritors a steady, dependable income.

Peace of Mind ... More Time for Family and Friends

Whether you're a farmer thinking of transitioning into retirement ... a widow, widower, or inheritor who needs help cropping the farm ... or a landowner or investor in need of reliable profitable farm property management, we'll work together to find a solution that's right for you.

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"Tim made me an offer I couldn't refuse!

He gave me a fair price and even paid part of the cost of tiling my land.

Tim takes excellent care of my land. He always gives us good advice on improvements and shows up himself to make sure outside contractors are doing the job correctly.

Tim's good to work with ... I have no complaints."

-- Bill R., Howard County, Iowa

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"Tim's made it possible for me to slow down and still keep making money from my land.

He does an excellent job of weed control. He's very careful about keeping the waterways clean. He never sprays through them."

-- Marvin L., Howard County, IA

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"If Tim has a good year, he shares the 'bounty' ...

... I consider it a win-win relationship."

-- T. Roberts, Chicago, IL